There are few restaurants that I feel comfortable walking into and ordering food and a drink without even looking at the menu.  One of them is Soho’s Brooklyn styled diner Spuntino.

Outside Spuntinho

Although, during my last visit I must say that I was psurprised to be able to get in and sit down without waiting, every other time that I’ve been I’ve usually had a 20-30 minute queue for a space for two.

The restaurant centres around a zinc-topped bar which has meant that I’ve never really wanted to go with more than just two of us. Unless you’re on a corner or the one big table (usually an hour or so wait) than you could find it pretty difficult to keep the conversation going.

Inside Spuntinho

Part of Norman Russell’s infamous ‘if it’s good enough, people will queue for it’ restaurant group, Spuntino is the younger sister to Polpo and Polpetto. Younger and cooler, it doesn’t even have a phone number.

Spuntino translates from Italian as snack and so it’s unsurprising that none of the portions are big and that dishes are designed for sharing. The menu mixes English classics like egg and soldiers mixed in with a few New York classics such as sliders. My choice every time? Mac and Cheese (pictured below).

Macroni & Cheese

The Mac and Cheese here has never failed to deliver.  Creamy and beautifully cheesy with a delightful breadcrumb crust, I cover mine with Tabasco to give it bit of a kick and it tastes absolutely supreme.

Drinks are fairly reasonable. Well-priced carafes of wine, Meantime, Camden and Moretti are all available too.

Don’t expect Sketch style originality but look forward to hanging out on a custom-made bar stool with the type of food your momma would make. Spuntinho is a bit of fun and definitely worth popping in/queuing for.

61 Rupert Street
Citymapper Direction

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