The Star of Kings

Owned by the team behind The Star of Bethnal Green and The Star by Hackney Downs, the latest addition to the group is The Star of Kings, a boozer is tucked away behind Kings Cross station. Just by Granary Square.

It’s more well known for its rotating food policy, where it hosts a new pop-up street food dining experience every three months. So when Yeah Burger announced that it was going to be opening at The Star of Kings, we couldn’t refuse an opportunity to visit.



2014’s restaurant of the year was Gymkhana , the first Indian restaurant to win the Restaurant Magazine’s prestigious award. So where better to send the team for lunch?

Created by Karem Sethi, the brains behind Trishna in Marylebone and a Director of Bubbledogs on Charlotte St. Gymkhana is inspired by the old colonial Indian clubs set up in India for members of the Raj to socialise, dine, drink and play sports in.

Upstairs, the room definitely has a luncheon feeling to it with small boothes, the basement dining room is a whole different thing. Ceiling fans hang low over brass tables and the dark wooden walls are full of Indian sporting print and old Punch sketches.

The aroma hits you as soon as you walk through the door. We instinctively knew that our meal was going to be better than at the local curry house.

Simmons, Fitzrovia

A few doors down from Bobo Social and opposite the entrance to the BT Tower was a student bar. Full in the week and desolate on the weekends. Hardly the most charming bar in Central London. When it shut down nobody shed a tear.

Intrigue followed soon. What would come next? Surely it wouldn’t sit vacant forever? When Simmons – the cocktail bar chain – announced that they were going to be opening a new bar there, there was a bit of excitement. It was almost like the student growing up…

The Ivy Market Grill

The Ivy has been an institution in London since well….forever. As much as we’ve begged and pleaded to be taken there, we’ve still never been.

So when The Ivy announced plans to create The Ivy Market Grill, an all day brassiere for a quick bite, or a pre theatre menu dinner, we lept straight in and booked a table.

Have a read of what we thought by clicking on the title.

The Thirsty Bear

The Thirsty Bear is quite possibly London’s first self-service pub. A bar without a bar. Visitors exchange their card for a swipe card, which can be used at any of the beer taps located across the space.

The taps measure each millimeter served and charge it to your card. Awkward moment when you end up with four pints and one third. The iPads allow you to order Guinness, Ales and other more complicated beverages like cocktails.

With screens everywhere, this seems the perfect set up for live sport. Huge screens everywhere ensure that you can see the action from anywhere and you’re guaranteed to not miss a single part of the sport, without a trip to the bar needed.


When we first heard about Inito, we met some of the team behind it at a tasting event for it. It was supposed to be all about a huge lunchtime, offering roti style wraps. Almost like a Bombay Burrito bar really… But with a name like Benito’s Hat, the whole thing sounded a rip off. But still, this could work. We were intrigued, perplexed, rubbishing it in our head, whilst complimenting what a great idea this could be.

A few months down the line, the first ever Inito has opened it’s doors for its soft launch and so we trooped down to see how the team of ex-Nando crew had got on with Head Chef Saurav Nath – Benares legend and Atul Kocher protégée.


There are four varieties of Ramen; Miso, Shio (Salt), Shy u (Soy Sauce), and Tonkotsu (Pork Bone), all of which you can now find easily across the city due to a recent explosion of Ramen restaurants across London.

The trend has been transformed from Japanese noodle soup dish to a cool lunch dish. So we set out to investigate one of London’s newest restaurants, and Pints & Plates local; Ippudo.

Uyen Luu’s Supper Club

Supperclubs. Now these have been have been the subject of a recent debate. Some people find them interesting. They absolutely love them; the idea of meeting new people and breaking bread with their new friends? It’s exciting. Others worry about getting stuck next to somebody they don’t like. So when we got invited to one by the guys at Leisure, we thought where best else to settle this argument than at a supper club?

Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

Hidden under a newsagent on Central London is the Bourne & Hollingsworth, one of our favourite bars in London. Since we discovered it, the team there have branched out with a number of different ventures, including the Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings.

Each of the venues has a name based on an old Department shop. For example, The Bourne and Hollingsworth used to actually be the Plaza on Oxford St, whilst the Swan & Edgar, in Marylebone is named after a department store in Piccadilly.

When we were invited to look around, we couldn’t resist…

Competition: Dinner For Two At Bobo Social

Even better news this week. Bobo Social joins the celebrations as we relaunch with a brand new design and an even more exciting URL:

The team at Bobo Social – one of London’s most talked about restaurants at the moment – are giving away a meal for two.

Bobo Social is a new dining experience on Charlotte Street. Succulent burgers cooked in an indoor charcoal oven, Small Plates made with fresh British ingredients and decadent desert cocktails all in a beautifully fresh setting.