The Phoenix, Clapham

The Circle Bar – a stalwart Clapham pub – has been refurbished and relaunched as The Phoenix, with a brand spanking new décor.

J2O Pop Up at The Phoenix

To celebrate, it’s teamed up with J2O to celebrate two new seasonal flavours; J20 Midnight Forest and J20 Midnight Amber.

J20 Midnight Forest

We’ll be honest…when they said J2O, we mocked it a bit. We expected a non-alocholic bar. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Luckily the J2O team were at hand to prove us wrong and show us how to use the juice in cocktails. The Bloody Mary was actually incredible. So much better than the traditional. Not sure you’ll get us to change though!

The coup de grace at The Phoenix was the Midnight Spritz – a take on the classic Italian apertif cocktail. Like the Bloody Mary, it was sharper to taste but one worth trying for sure.

Creating a Midnight Spritz Cocktail with J2O

Even though it’s the bitter winter, J2O has turned the small smoking area in the back of The Phoenix into a picturesque wonderland garden lined with trees. At the back is one stupidly big tree with two swings hanging off. Not going to lie, they’re great fun after a few cocktails and we really didn’t want to go back inside into the main bar.



It’s not one worth commuting for but if you area in the area then it’s definitely worth popping in before the J2O celebrations stop on 22 November. Especially if you’re a swinger.

*Pints and Plates was invited to the launch of J2O Midnight Forest and Midnight Amber by J2O.


The Phoenix
348 Clapham Road
Sw9 9AR
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