Back in 5 Minutes

If you walk up Brick Lane at night, chances are that you’re probably hunting for a curry. But on Friday night, a group of us found ourselves hunting for another type of restaurant.

The shop in front of Back in 5 Minutes

Hidden in the very back of this hipster designer clothes shop is a 30 seater restaurant that feels like an old school lounge. Walking through the black curtains from the well-lit shop you really get that amazing feeling discovered a new speakeasy in London. Potentially one of London’s many hidden gems.

There are only three candlelit tables shared out between dinners so you can’t help but eavesdrop into their conversations.

Inside Back in 5 Minutes Restaurant

The Bar at Back in 5 Minutes

We started with a vodka cocktail and smoked mussels apertif. Not your traditional amusee-bouche but simple food, well prepared. A theme that you might see you cropping up again in this piece…

The menu and a Vodka cocktail at Back in 5 Minutes on Brick Lane

The menu is pretty small with two or three courses for starter, main and desert. Well priced for what you get though.

Starters – we went for seared scallops white chocolate beurre blanc and salmon caviar and a soup.

seared scallops white chocolate beurre blanc and salmon caviar


Both were superbly prepared and presented. The tastes had us licking our plates. Except, this is where the two diner’s comments went into two very separate ways.

Both hungry we attacked our meals. One vegetarian and one not.

The vegetarian option wasn’t bad. But it also wasn’t great… Girolle mushrooms, iceberg lettuce atop a what felt like a never ending mountain of dull lentils. Again, really well prepared but a bowl of lentils just didn’t seem like a Friday night , end of week dinner to us.

Girolle mushrooms, iceberg lettuce and lentils

On the other hand, the Ravioli dish was excellent. One handmade piece of pasta accompanied a hunk of beef and a side of greens, it sat perfectly.

Ravioli, Beef, Greens at Back in 5 Minutes on Brick Lane

And the deserts? Sweet and tasty.  Everything a desert is supposed to be.

Chocolate Brownie and Vanilla Ice Cream from Back in 5 Minutes

Crumble from Brick Lane's Back in 5 Minutes

With the veggie main as an exception, the food really was well elegant, unfussy and well cooked. If you do have any special dietary requirements, it’s worth flagging prior to make sure that you have a choice.

We shot off straight after dinner, which we regretted. Our advice. Stay, make friends with your table companions and drink merrily till they throw you out at 1AM.

Back in 5 Minutes
224 Brick Lane
E1 6SA
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