The Dead Doll’s House

The Dead Dolls House used to be a curious pop up in Hoxton Square started by Adam Towner and Katy Rosewarn, with nothing more than a drill and marker until The House of Woolf – a site that’s been selling drinks since 1856 – became available and they snapped it up.

The New Dead Dolls Club in Islington
In fact, as you can see from the above photo, you can still see House of Woolf marked on the wall.

Walking in, you can’t help but feel like this is exactly what it would be like if in a Quentin Blake and Roald Dahl threw a houseparty. Just with a bar and strong cocktails.

The Parlour bar in Islington's Dead Doll's Club
Handdrawn Art of a Grandfather Clock

Seriously though, huge props to Katy who took inspiration from stately homes and managed to create a classy but chilled out and contemporary vibe that runs across the entire bar.

The windows at the front open out onto Upper St are massive allowing in a huge amount of natural light. With sofas underneath it, it’s an ideal spot for sitting in and soaking up the atmosphere.

The back of room is laid out with small mirrored tables, reflecting the tealights that sit on them, bouncing light around the room like the glitterballs above them. As the night goes on, these tables somehow seem to mysteriously disappear and the jazz, funk and soul music seems to get sneakily louder.

We got there early and decided to opt for burgers. The menu makes them sound fantastic. Char grilled beef burger and a halloumi & mushroom burger with red onion jam. Sad to say the burgers were pretty average.

Vegetarian Burger from The Dead Doll's Club in Islington
Where the Dead Doll’s House gets really interesting is as the night goes on. Sort of like a house party, you can roam through and explore the labrynth of rooms upstairs.  Each has its own bar. The first floor features The Library and The Drawing Room, with it’s own Espresso Martini bar serving nine different types of Espresso Martini. Above those two is a private members room.

I’ve always said that places try to do everything never achieve it. I thought that maybe Dead Doll’s Club could be the change to that but… Still definitely a great spot and with a 4AM license, it’s well worth a visit when the rest of Upper St winds up. Or by itself for that matter.

The Dead Doll’s House
181 Upper St
N1 1RQ
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