Since the end of the TV series in 2013, Breaking Bad fans have been going cold turkey. Until now.

ABQ – a small Breaking Bad themed bar – has opened up in a RV, decked out like Walt and Jesse’s lab except now it’s now hidden in the backstreets of Hackney Wick instead of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Breaking Bad Bar
Inside the RV that makes up ABQ
Keeping in touch with the original TV series, the bar is littered with references to the popular TV show, such as the teddy bear and other items.

The teddy that features in Breaking Bad
Unsurprisingly, it’s tiny with a capacity of only 20 people per cooking session. There’s a bar and food outside so your mates can hang out whilst you cook up a pure and stable product that performs like advertised.

Once inside, you and your friends are broken up into groups of three and four seated on blue barrels at workstations to mix chemicals and alcohol in the sort of set up that you might find in a school Chemistry lab with plenty of dry ice to have fun with.

Mixing cocktails at a Breaking Bad Bar
Using the chemistry set in front of you, you make two drinks in your time in the RV. A rum punch called Blue Flynn, garnished with lines of coke (sugar) below and Saul’s C2H60 Sorbet (the following picture), also accompanied by a few lines.  Half of the room makes one, the other half makes the other and then you all enjoy the fruits of your labour as one big group.

Strawberry infused Rum Punch
Tickets are £30, which are a bit pricey but does include two potent beverages and the opportunity to buy more normal drinks from the bar located in the drivers seat at the front of the RV.

The two drinks are pretty easy to make so don’t worry too much.We’d like to see more complicated recipes perhaps. Perhaps possibly too simple to make? Guess ABQ don’t want people falling behind or struggling though.

The actors weren’t great but after all…. it is a £30 entry into a bar rather than an immersive theatre show.

We’d originally planned to go on a Friday night but ended up booking in for Tuesday. We’re glad that we did as whilst it’s a fun way to spend a Tuesday, it’s not a great Friday night out. There are too many moments of just sitting around for us.

Tickets are fully sold out up to the end of September but worth a visit if you have a spare £30 for a quiet evening out.

80 Eastway
Victoria Park
E9 5JH
Citymapper Directions

Credit: Images are from both Will Vieri and ABQ.


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