Tamesis Dock

The river Thames is teeming with party boats. Some that don’t even move. Some that just float. Most we’ve encountered are pretty rough, full of druggies and charge a bomb to get onto and spend the night listening to a rubbish DJ. It’s tough to weed out the rubbish from the great.

One of our new favourites is Tamesis Dock – a floating pub that seems so perfect for summer that you can’t help but wonder if it disappears in the winter. Kind of like Ice Cream Men…. Anyway, this is a converted Dutch barge painted a brash yellow parked between Lambeth and Vauxhall. You definitely can’t miss it!

Approaching Tamesis Dock from Vauxhall
We recommend getting there early enough to grab a seat on the top deck. It almost…wraps around a bar in the centre with picnic style seating on each side. Why? Well, those seats gives you a great opportunity to check out some of London’s most famous tourist sites, like  Westminster Palace and The London Eye with a cool refreshing drink in your hand.

The outdoor Top Deck
The top deck view from The Tamesis Dock
Watching the sunset on The Tamesis Dock
Okay, yes, fine. We went when the weather was good. If it’s bad, why not bring a blanket and cuddle up with a hot chocolate or two?

When you get too bored of pressing the button for the heater and just too cold, follow the main bar and down the stairs  to the lower deck by the main bar, only lit by a few portholes and fairy lights, to while away the evening.

Cosy and warm in The Tamesis Dock

Booze is reasonably priced. It’s mostly beer and wine with a few classic cocktails. The draught beer includes the like of Cornish Pilsner and others that aren’t the bog standard, matching the uniqueness of the pub. Sadly, the food is distinctly average pub grub; burgers, wraps,nachos and all that. Service was a bit of a challenge but with the amazing weather, views and the charmingly relaxed atmosphere in the sunshine, we couldn’t help but just….not care.

We recommend that you book to avoid the local office crowd and make sure that you get those top deck seats. For those bottom deck seats later in the night? Well you’re on your own for this one!

We’re also informed that there is live music and a band sometimes downstairs that is apparently loud. Or maybe that’s just the grumpy old men coming out…

Tamesis Dock
Albert Embankment
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