Touted as a New York pizzeria, with a DJ Bar set upstairs, Goat Chelsea sounded like it had a lot of promise so off we trundled…

IMG_3743The Goat sits on the site of what used to be the Goat in Boats, which was there for the past 350 years. Not hugely fans of Pub conversions but It’s here so we tried it.

Arriving early, we headed up to the bar on the first floor for an apertif whilst waiting for our table.


More from the bar at Goat

We couldn’t take too many photos of the bar as the couple that clearly on their first date next to us were getting a bit anxious that we were taking photos of them!

The bar has a classy old warehouse vibe to it juxtaposed with lustrous blue leather sofas. It even comes equipped with a Pulpit equipped with a DJ booth. Tables are waited so we found it difficult to expect that a dancefloor might open up. We were there pretty early though…

Gin n Tonics at Goat

Drinks are pretty potent too. Even by our standards so we advise you order carefully. And don’t drive.

When we ordered dinner, our waiter tried to upsell us into a discounted expensive dry white wine. When one of us decided against it because she didn’t like dry white wine, our waiter stated ‘it’s not actually that dry’. This flip-flopping around made us decide against it so another waitress followed up. With the same tactic. Bit keen, no?

The menu downstairs in the main restaurant is similar to some of London’s other cooler Italian restaurants with a New York vibe; Polenta Fries, Mac and Cheese, Broccoli and similar.

The two of us went for very different dishes; Pan fried Sea Bass and a pizza with Goat Cheese, tomato, mozzarella, zucchini and rocket.

Goat's Cheese Pizza at Goat, Chelsea Goat's Cheese Pizza at Goat

Sea Bass

We both agreed that the food was…good. In the words of Craig David, slicker than your average. But we wouldn’t eat it seven days a week. We would order the same things again but probably make sure that we’d left enough space for dessert, which looked exceptional.

The vibe downstairs – in the restaurant –  felt it was trying to mix the cool industrial feeling from upstairs with a Chelsea glam. To be picky, it did feel a bit like as if we were still in the pub and The Goat in Boot had had a massive refurb but maybe that’s just us being picky.

The Goat Restaurant

All in all, well worth a visit and if the Goat was nearer where we lived than we both agreed that we’d be back. Was it worth crossing town for? Maybe not but we’ll be visiting again. Especially if we can sneak our way into their secret bar ; the Chelsea Prayer Room.

Goat Chelsea
333 Fulham Road
SW10 9QL
Citymapper Directions


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