Simmons, Fitzrovia

A few doors down from Bobo Social and opposite the entrance to the BT Tower was a student bar. Full in the week and desolate on the weekends. Hardly the most charming bar in Central London. When it shut down nobody shed a tear.

Intrigue followed soon. What would come next? Surely it wouldn’t sit vacant forever?  When Simmons – the cocktail bar chain –  announced that they were going to be opening a new bar there, there was a bit of excitement. It was almost like the student growing up…

When we visited it was remarkably similar but with a standard Simmons’ touch. Classic cocktails with fun names, craft beers served in a small bar with a quirky, shabby-chic style.

The wooden-floored bar is spread out over two floors. Upstairs lit with a glittering skull mirrorball that bounced off the kooky wallpaper lined bar that seemed, bizarrely, to be full of retro lamps.

The interior at Simmons, Fitzrovia

Interior at Simmon's Fitzrovia

We stayed upstairs. Downstairs is a larger bar with a (soon to be light up) dancefloor and a DJ booth. Music from here plays upstairs as well. It’s old school and fun.

The stairs to the basement bar
The best part? The happy hour. Beers are £2.50 , Cocktails are two for £10, a bottle of wine is £10 and prosecco only is £15. It’s not just one hour but a mammoth five hours, 4-9PM.

Aside from the happy hour, is it worth a visit? Yes. Staff are fun, friendly and know what they’re doing. When we ordered a round of espresso martinis, the barman asked if we minded whilst we waited for him to make a few espressos to use. Not a coffee liqueur, as many bars do.

Espresso Martini

It’s not just cocktails that feature here; there is an excellent, but small, list of beers. Cocktails definitely are the focus here . In fact, if you look online you can’t even see the beers listed.

After stopping in for a few drinks, we cannot wait to spend some more serious time at Simmons latest opening. It’s just probably not the place where we’d stay for drinks all night though.

Simmons Fitzrovia
28 Maple St
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