Uyen Luu’s Supper Club

Supperclubs. Now these have been the subject of a recent conversation. Some people find them interesting. They absolutely love them; the idea of meeting new people and breaking bread with their new friends? It’s exciting. Others worry about getting stuck next to somebody they don’t like. So when we got invited to one by the guys at Leisure, we thought where best else to settle this argument than at a supper club?

Our host for the evening was Uyen Luu, published author, writer for The Good Food Channel. Somewhere along all of this, she finds time to host Vietnamese supper clubs in her beautiful Hackney home.

Uyen Luu Preparing Dinner



A beautifully presented Table

We were welcomed with a sparking Tkacol ‘Birbirra. Made in the same way as Champagne, this sparkling wine comes from the Basque country. Something we only discovered after the event. Champagne, watch your back.

The drinks gave us a chance to mingle with some other bloggers, whilst Uyen was preparing our dinner in her new Leisure range cooker. The thing was honestly massive.




She started with Kale & Ginger Soup with Glass noodles. One of the other bloggers remarked, ‘When I’m next ill. This is exactly what I need”. It made complete sense. Even though the soup was light, it was like getting a big hug whilst the warm broth ran down you. Even better when you know Kale is, of course, exceedingly healthy.

Kale and Ginger Soup with Glass Noodles

The main was a roast chicken, with lemongrass and ginger sauce. Beautifully presented, it was accompanied by grilled seasonal vegetables with a soy dressing. Served family style, it was placed in the middle of the table for all to help themselves. We were all quickly diving in for seconds. Surely a sign of how good the meal was? Although the placement did make it difficult to discreetly reach in for thirds…






Vegetarian Main


All accompanied by a refined Lavaico 2009 – from the slopes of Mount Etna.


Sadly gorging on four courses of your main does mean that you do get full quite quickly. Thankfully there was a break before the desert course was served.

The break also gave us an opportunity to change our wine, as we moved onto an elegant Libamus Vino Dulce de Mencia. Specifically chosen to match the below Plum Cake with Ice Cream.


Maybe it was the company but all in all, it was an absolute treat. A low-key and casual evening, sharing fantastic, food with some great people. Difficult to knock. That fear of being stuck opposite an idiot still is a worry though. Guess you won’t be heading over by yourself…. And if you do, we’re sure you’ll make some friends. We got on okay with the below bunch.


Table photo


Uyen Luu - Supper Club - Leisure Range Cooker

Cheers to Leisure for hosting the event and allowing Uyen to cook us this feast on her brand new Leisure Cusinemaster.

Uyen Luu’s Supperclub
Uyen’s Flat
London Fields

 Pints and Plates was invited to Uyen Luu’s Supperclub by Leisure


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