Bobo Social

There was once an Indian restaurant at the top of Charlotte St that was a bit of a joke. There was literally never anyone in there. We once ate there out of pity.Before that was another restaurant that was always empty…. So, when Bobo Social opened, our Editor remarked that it wouldn’t last. Anything that opened there was always going to close.

Outside Bobo Social

After visiting a packed out Bobo Social, we’re not too sure that it’ll shut as quickly. The old Indian has been completley gutted ; the front door isn’t even the same!

Standing for Bourgeois Bohemian, Bobo Social is a tad more luxurious than your average burger bar.  Vintage plates and linen napkins replace the MeatLiquor esque kitchen roll and trays. These are then juxtaposed with rustic bohemian-chic type vibe. Almost shabby chic but more chic than shabby.

Photo c/o Bobo Social

The restaurant uses high-end, British ingredients. Burgers are cooked inside a Charcoal oven that reaches 300C to ensure that the flavour is trapped inside the burger as it becomes seared instantly.

Our waiter explained that the species of wood changes every week, as does the beef so regulars will see a subtle change in flavour. Interesting to see the species of wood is listed at the very top of the menu.

From the 26th August – once the restaurant is up and running properly – the restaurant will host an experimental burger evening, where you can get an opportunity to make your own exotic burger, including Kangaro, Zebra, Alligator, Venison and even Ostrich.

Playing it safe though, we both went for the Mushroom and Truffle burger but with some cheddar and jalapenos on.

Bobo Burger
The Vegetarian Burger at Bobo Social
Surprisingly, the vegetarian burger came as a patty, and not as just a mushroom, which we were pleasantly surprised at. Until it promptly fell apart, meaning that the debate of whether to look like a bunch of clowns with a knife and fork, or just to carry on with our hands…. Of course we went for the latter! And then scooped up the remnants with our hands.

To go with our burgers, we went for the apple ‘slaw. Unsurprisingly, apple-y but really tasty – even for those that don’t even like Coleslaw. The only criticism here was that it was too small.

We also went for the deep-fried pickles. In all honesty, we’d recommend giving these a miss. Whilst they look, and could be fantastic…. They were just found wanting. When you could have had sweet potato fries, why end up with these?

Deep fried Pickles


Still hungry, we dove straight into deserts. A cheese cake and a chocolate mousse. These came out so quickly that we all suspected that these were straight out of the fridge. But they were surprisingly better than we’d expected.

Cheesecake on the left, Mousse on the right

After taking a spoonful of each, we fought over the chocolate mousse that just melted away in your mouth. Definitely worth a shout.

We’d heard that there was a bar downstairs and so went to head down for a digestif. Sadly, it was more of a bar that served the rest of the restaurant, rather than focusing on the customers in front of them. But the drinks served including a few novel twists on classics, like a Café Old Fashioned – an Old Fashioned topped with espresso.

Probably not worth leaving your table for drinks, or even adventuring down Charlotte Street to the Bourne & Hollingsworth , or one of the other many bars in Fitzrovia.

All in all though, it’s been a while since we’ve truly raved about a new restaurant opening. Judging by the amount of people who the team has told people about Bobo Social, it’s safe to say that we’ve found a new favourite.

Bobo Social
95 Charlotte St
Citymapper Directions

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