Honky Tonk

I rarely venture to Clapham bars because of the crowd. It’s full of fresh graduates who act like they’re still at university. I’m now a bit older and that group of people isn’t really me…. But as I was in the area I couldn’t check out a bar or two.

Located just outside of Clapham Common, this is the second site, with the first being in Chelsea. The exposed brickwork, pendant lighting and loud music is exactly what you’d expect to see in New York. As is both the drinks and food menus.

The Bar at Honky Tonk in Clapham
Although it is technically a restaurant, it is definitely much more of a bar. As you might expect, the drinks menu is bourbon heavy but also follows the craft beer revolution. Bar aside, Honky Tonk also has a glorified flightcase transformed into a moveable bar where a beer sommelier wheels it up to your table and talks you through you beers and in fact will match it to your meal.

Or at least, so they say. When I was there, the ‘beer trolley’ was parked up in the corner and didn’t make a move during our time in there. But we were in there early afternoon.

The Trolley Bar

We didn’t eat, the menu is American diner-esque; Burgers, dogs, shakes. Most people seemed to enjoy it.

Would I go back? Probably not. It wasn’t anything special and the below TV screens reminded me of a generic West End nightclub and I imagine that the crowd are similar…. It’s definitely more of a local bar and definitely not a destination crowd.

TV Screens at Honky Tonk

Infernos, fear not. Your Clapham crown is safe.


Honky Tonk
16a Clapham Common South Side
Citymapper Directions

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