The Princess of Wales

A bit further north from Regent’s Park and Camden is the leafy suburb of Primrose Hill. I don’t want to write a guide to Primrose Hill but it’s worth mentioning that there are three strong pubs in the area. The Engineer – a classy gastro-pub, The Lansdowne – solid and The Princess of Wales.

Until a few years ago, The Princess of Wales used to be a proper boozer. In 2012 it was relaunched and I’ve got to admit that they have done a stellar job.  The Princess really isn’t one of those generic, character draining gastro-rastrophe that you sadly find many pubs being converted into.

The menu (redesigned by Carl Clarke) focuses on high-quality, well-sourced British pub food. Drinks include premium lagers and good wines.

The one thing that my friend and I couldn’t decide on was the interior. For a pub frequented by everyone from Nick Grimshaw, Kate Moss and co to Boris Johnson, it felt a bit…old. The lampshades were velvet clad and the artwork was on par.

Lampshades at the Princess of Wales
With it being a Sunday, we both went for the Vegetarian Roast. Two homemade vegetarian sausages, with all the trimmings in vegetarian gravy. Mash was a side option. Thought it might make sense to get some of that on the plate too. But, something got lost in translation…. and we ended up with veggie Bangers’n’Mash.

Veggie Bangers'n'Mash

Homemade Veggie Sausages
When the plate arrived, I wanted to write something about being disappointed but being honest, it was brilliant. The mash was creamy, smooth and the onions with the gravy gave it a flavoursome punch.  The sausages? Yeah they were good. Not as great as I’d hoped but pretty darn good. Overall, yummy.

Both of us went for dessert. My companion went for a crowd-pleasing double chocolate and peanut butter brownie with salted caramel ice cream. I for a Lemon cheesecake with mango & raspberry coulis. Again, better than average. But wouldn’t write home about it. Barring the size of the portion. HUGE.

Cheesecake at The Princess of Wales

Long-term Pints & Plates readers will remember a review of the Iceland burger joint, Tommi’s when they first popped up in Marylebone. Not only do they now have their own restaurant but run a pop up every Third Thursday at The Princess. And you can book a table. Make sure to get down for that. It’ll be worthwhile.

Overall, I enjoyed our dining experience. Service was a bit slow but really friendly. It’s an immensely comfy and friendly place with live Jazz on a Sunday. I could definitely see myself happily whiling away the hours there.

The Princess of Wales
2 Chalcot Road
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