When Mac Met Cheese

With soul food continuing to become more and more popular, Mac’n’Cheese is just right up there alongside it.

When Mac Met Cheese is a market stall in Camden Market that often runs pop ups in various locations across London too. Especially during the winter months. All in the name of research, a few of us decided to venture to The Russet, in Hackney Downs, to see what all the hype was.

The food? Phenomenal. Out of this world.  Unless you don’t like cheese. Actually, if you don’t like cheese, you should stop reading this review.

The menu was simple. Three dishes to choose from. All vegetarian friendly, but the opportunity to add pork or bacon was there for a small fee.

I went for a Carlos The Cactus to start the night. Heaven on a fork. Every mouthful was followed with a nice jalapeño-y kick to it. The Macaroni itself was al dente. Weirdly it reassured you that it was still there amongst the gooey  mature cheesy cheddar, which slotted in underneath the texture of the Parmesan like a sheer delight.

Carlos The Cactus | When Mac Met Cheese
Delighted with this we moved onto desert; deep-fried Oreos. Basically, a Oreo immersed in sweet doughnut batter and covered in flour.

I was hoping that these would be on par with the Macaroni and Cheese. I’ve got to admit that it wasn’t.  Extremely hot to touch, the flour was incredibly messy and it just…missed something I felt. Almost like the white bit of the Oreo should be oozing out. I wonder what it would be like if you deep-fried two in the same batter?

Deep fried Oreos

Inside The Oreo

Saying this though, I imagine that if you had it by itself from a market stall, it would be ideal. You could potter around munching on these. But in this setting, it just didn’t feel right… Also, getting flour everywhere didn’t help.

The worst bit though, was the service. But that’s okay. I can’t imagine that these guys were hugely accustomed to having to deal with tables and service in the way that you might have to do at a pop-up restaurant.

All in all, a truly phenomenal dining experience. Potentially even the best meal of 2014 so far?  Make sure you follow Mac and Cheese on Twitter to see where they’ll next be.

When Mac Met Cheese
10 West Yard
Camden Lock
Citymapper Directions


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