This charming old school Italian stands in a converted warehouse hidden in a back street in Bermondsey. Fear not though, it’s well worth the walk.

Whilst the below picture portrays a really small and enclosed dining space, it doesn’t really feel that way. There is another seating area, which is rarely full, creating an illusion of more space.

The restaurant
The striking, vivid red décor warms the room and creates a bit of space. None of the lightly coloured tables are close enough to overhear, or interfere with each other.

The wine list only includes Italian wines but does cover a whopping seven pages. Wines range from £18 to £120, so something for everyone but can initially be a bit overawing.

A seven course tasting menu is available with and without wine. It seemed worth a look if you are there for the entire evening. However, my friend and I weren’t. We both ordered from the starters menu and paid a small fee for them to be served as larger portions.

Now when I ordered the ravioli (below), I was worried that it came with a beetroot sauce. I worried; was it too adventurous to be put on a pasta? I must confess that I was wrong. It complemented the pasta impeccably well.

The Ravioli was so soft. It was obviously homemade and recently. Absolutely heavenly. The only downside was that it was presented in such an ornate way that there wasn’t enough pasta on the plate.

Which meant, that we had to eat desert. It’s a tough life but somebody has to do it…Now, I generally stay away from chocolate deserts as I think that they’re usually a let down. People are happy with the taste of chocolate and so restaurants never really produce a well prepared chocolate desert.

The below delight was phenomenal and an absolute treat to eat. To top it all off, it was called Marie Antoinette’s tit.

Chocolate Mousse Pudding
Here’s an interesting fact for you. The champagne coupé (which I presume this was prepared in) is rumoured to have been shaped on Marie Antoinette’s left breast. See, you learnt something today.

This meal was awash with wine, so apologies for the hazy recollection of tastes when writing this. But having visited the restaurant regularly in the past, it’s safe to say that it’s a great restaurant to visit. In my book, anywhere you get away with speaking Italian is worth a visit.

My only concern for it is that it does charge West End prices, not in the West End. The restaurant used to be on Taste London, making it worth the trip but I wonder how it will fare not using the discount scheme.  All I can say, is don’t be put off by the Bermondsey address. If Tentazioni was in Central London, it would be full most days.

My advice, book a visit in.

2 Mill St
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