The White Horse

Regular readers will know about my escapades with my two cousins and our ventures to a different pub every month.

This month was a pub that I’ve been determined to feature for almost a year but never made it down. The White Horse in Parsons Green; more affectionately known as The Sloaney Pony, due to the audience of Sloane Square Rangers.

Sloaney Pony

The boozer has a strong history, with a coaching inn and, or pub being on the site, right on Parsons Green itself, since 1688.

Sitting outside on Friday evening, one of my cousins couldn’t help but to remark that it really did uphold on that;  ‘this pub has everything. Beer garden, food, beers, wine. Even the local burger place delivers here’. You can’t help but to give credit to the team behind it. The White Horse does nail them all pretty well.

There’s a sprawling area out the front with plenty of space for people to stand or sit. As you can see from the below picture, it’s a highly sought after spot. Inside is more in touch with the local area, with high ceilings, wide windows with huge leather sofas to sprawl out and that was as packed.


Drinkwise, there are over 100 different bottled beers, with a strong focus on Belgian and American beers, and 20 odd on tap.  The house beer is Pilsner Urqell and you definitely can’t miss these two gigantic tanks sitting in the pub (pictured below).  The full list of beers can be found here.

Pilsner taps at The White Horse

The downside? Annoyingly slightly overpriced and service at the bar was variable. You could be served instantly or have to wait several minutes.  Aside from that irritation whilst waiting, it’s a pub that is hard to knock.

Overall, I can definitely see myself whiling away a sunny afternoon sitting outside here again and I’d definitely recommend taking the time to go and visit.

The White Horse
1-3 Parsons Green
Citymapper Directions


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