Shake Shack

A few quiet beers with former colleagues the other night turned into a few more lively beers and eventually turned into hunger pangs. So we decided to venture down to Covent Garden to check out one of its latest American imports; Shake Shack.

At 10PM, we wondered through the Piazza onto the south side of the market, where Shake Shack is.  After a short queue, we were ushered into what felt like a slightly more upmarket McDonald’s style point of sale. It even sold baby-gro’s. Would anyone really put your baby in a burger-shop-branded gro?

Anyway, the seating for Shake Shack is inside the Piazza, which can create a bit of a greenhouse effect meaning that it was a tad stuffy. It was still picturesque and a good spot for people watching. There is also indoor seating but it is limited.

I could write the review of the food in one word. Average. But that would be rude of me and I wouldn’t be giving you the full story.

Wondered in and went straight to a cashier, ordered a veggie burger and cheesy chips – crinkle cut. Crunchy on the outside and soft inside. The best form of chips in my opinion.

Dinner at Shake Shack

Whilst I thought that the burger was average, it wasn’t without plus points. It was photogenic, well constructed, with fresh salad and within a fluffy, soft bun. Didn’t detract from the main event at all. Just a shame that that was so dull… Was only £5.25 though.

Drinkwise, there is a solid portfolio of fourteen wines including red, white, rose and prosecco.  There’s a similarly stellar (for a burger joint)  selection of locally sourced option, with an American tipple, brewed especially for Shake Shack by Brooklyn Brewery.

The one thing that we didn’t try was the frozen custard. It’s rumoured to be definitely worth trying though. Perhaps next time I have time and I’m in the area, I’ll pop in for a beer and some custard.  But I can’t say that I’ll be in a huge rush for another visit in all honesty.

Shake Shack Covent Garden
24 Market Building
The Piazza
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