The Oak

Opening on the site of a former burnt down pub has landed a cosy, laidback Italian affair called The Oak, named after its predecessor.

The upstairs area has been converted into a luxurious and elegant Martini bar. Available seating ranges from vintage leather armchairs to velvet sofas and drinks from general cocktails and Martinis through to beers and wines.

The bar upstairs

More Bar

Drinks and Tapas

With beautiful high vaulted ceilings, massive windows, red velvet curtains and old school décor, the room has a certain wow factor and is a great place for a few drinks.

Downstairs, in the shell of the old boozer is a rustic style, candlelit restaurant. They claim to have one of London’s oldest wood-fired ovens (2002), which explain the dominance of pizza in the menu.  That said, the menu is rather extensive, taking inspiration from the Mediterranean, primarily Italy, and Spain.

The downside is that you can’t book, which does make weekend bookings difficult but with such a fantastic bar upstairs, that’s not such a bad thing.

I went for a white pizza, never having really indulged in one before. For those new to the concept, that means that there is no tomato sauce on the pizza. However, the toping of two cheeses, truffle oil and so on ensured that the taste was still very rich and delicious.


The last two times that I’ve visited, I’ve gone for the pizza but as they are so large (see below), they can get cold before you’ve finished..

The pizzas

I’d love to visit here as part of a larger group to try and sample bits of everything from the menu. I saw a risotto go flying past me during my last visit and it looked scrumptious.

Due to its casual nature, for me, the Oak is all about an early dinner, or a late lunch type affair. Don’t go expecting a full on dinner. But do go expecting a lovely time and great food that is guaranteed to leave you feeling well fed. It’s a great place to take a date or just to catch up with old friends.

The Oak
137 Westbourne Park Road
W2 5QL
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