Bunga Bunga

Over the festive period, my cousin and I started a debate. What would be the new trend for 2013?

His prediction was pizza, following on from where burgers left off. If he was right, Bunga Bunga has arrived in London right on time. Owned by the same group who own Maggies on Fulham Road, this lively pizzeria is named after a certain famous Italian PM’s social events… Bunga Bunga certainly succeeds in channeling the spirit of Silvio Berlusconi with a kitsch décor, karaoke and the waiters every so often having a bit of a boggie in the middle of the restaurant.

The walls are filled with posters and pictures of Silvio whilst you can also purchase drinks in the shapes of famous Italians, including one of the three tenors, or even a Fiat 500. Bringing that Kitsch décor to life are Italian waiters dressed as gondoliers, offering food off a menu with prices in Lira (1,000L – £1 FYI. Took me a while to spot that on the menu!).


Located just the wrong side of Battersea Bridge, the building houses not only the pizzeria but also two bars and karaoke. There’s one just when you walk in and apparently there’s another…. although, I’m yet to enjoy it.

The wine list is a tad inflated but the wines that you can find at the bottom of the list aren’t all that bad. We enjoyed a very tasty and reasonably priced Barbera D’asti (regular readers will know that I’m a sucker for any Northern Italian wines).

I’d suggest skip past starters and moving straight onto mains as the pizzas are big enough. I’m not overly sure that the starters here are worthwhile unless you’re in a large group.

Pizza’s arrive on a long wooden board and are placed atop empty tomato tins, designed to create that Italian rustic vibe but now familiar common fixture in many of London pizzerias.

Our pizza

Family sharing style, it’s there for you all to break off a slice and tuck in. As a vegetarian, the only option for me was the Four Cheese pizza – which I can’t say was phenomenal but it was significantly better than predicted.

Definitely worth a visit for the atmosphere.  Stay for the food. Just don’t be surprised when half the staff embark on a conga line.

Bunga Bunga
37 Battersea Bridge Road
SW11 3BA
Citymapper Directions

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