In 2010, private members’ club Paramount opened to the public due to ‘overwhelming demand’. Occupying pride of place on the top three floors of Centrepoint, on the junction of Tottenham Court Road and New Oxford St, the club incorporates a restaurant, viewing gallery and event space – which was hosting a nightclub night when we visited.

Completed in 1966, Centrepoint has an interesting history as one of London’s first very tall buildings. Unable to find a company that would take the entire building the first tenants were actually squatters protesting about the increasing number of rough sleepers in Central London. It was this protest that led to Centrepoint the charity being named Centrepoint. In 1995, it became a listed building and in 2008 Paramount the members’ club opened.

From the dull office-esque entrance, you must pass through an airport style metal detector before being whisked up 385 feet to the Tom Dixon designed space on the 32nd floor.

As you can guess, the highlight (pardon the pun) is the view. As it was my first visit, I specially requested a table with a view. Upon arrival we were led to table #10 – yes I asked for future reference. Remember that number, it’ll either make you look good when you book with your friends or a knob, can’t decide which. Anyway, as the nearest tall building, the BT Tower, is on the other end of Tottenham Court Road the view is quite simply breathtaking. It’s uninterrupted London views. I actually wished that I could take a picture from my mind, as I knew that my phone wouldn’t do the view credit…  It’s quite breathtaking to sit there, sip wine and eat cake while looking out over the Shard, London Bridge, St Paul’s and the London Eye all at the same time!

The View from the window
The menu was predominantly British inspired with a few modern twists.

The only meal that I’ve ever sent back was a Pear and Roquefort Salad and so was extremely nervous when the only vegetarian starter available was a Double Baked Roquefort Soufflé with Endive and Pear Salad (pictured below). I finished every last mouthful of it and would have eaten it all over again. Sorry Café Boehme but your Pear and Roquefort Salad didn’t come close.

My starter
For mains, the only vegetarian option was a Pumpkin & Ceps Risotto, with wild mushroom, cream with aged Parmesan. There was nothing wrong with it but it wasn’t something I’d write home about either. It was…. a bit dull in my mind….in a nice way?

I shared some Broccoli in Hollandaise Sauce (pictured below) with my dining companion, which tasted as fresh as the day it came out of the ground.

The Side

Dessert came recommended by our waiter. It was a plate with five small chocolate deserts (pictured below), including a chocolate samosa with a cherry base, surprisingly not as tasty as you might expect. The highlight of the dessert? It had to be the chocolate fondant.

We ended up spending the rest of the evening nosing around the viewing gallery on the top floor with a warming glass of whisky. However, a number of the windows had steamed up so badly due the cold weather and so were difficult to see out.

The highlight of the evening? The views…  I’d happily repeat. In fact, I’m keen to revisit and try their Sunday roast menu one afternoon.

101-103 New Oxford St
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