The Carpenters Arms – Brick Lane

So, when I started Pints and Plates,it wasn’t just about restaurants. However, that seems to be the way it’s gone. So, going back to why I started the blog, here are a few thoughts on one of my favourite pubs in London.

The recently refurbished Carpenters Arms, just off Brick Lane was first introduced to me by one of my cooler friends. Naturally I expected it to be full of hipsters, smoking and discussing bands that I’d never heard off.  So I was pleasantly surprised to find it otherwise.

Reggie and Ronnie Kray bought the pub for their mum, Violet in 1967. It’s rumored that the bar was made from coffin lids.  During Violet’s ownership, it’s current owners (pictured below) were regulars there. The pub now attracts a very different crowd.

The co-landlords of the Carpenters Arms

The pub draws a completely different crowd, with a more metropolitan, local bunch of people than you might expect from a pub located two minutes from Brick Lane.

Let’s quickly touch on food, as that’s probably what brought you here. Ashamedly, I’ve never eaten here, I’ve been in the pub when food has been served and it looked and smelt pretty good.  It’s all cooked fresh on the premises and the menu covers a great range of vegetarian and meat dishes.

The real reason why I really love this place? The beer list. Close to forty beers, not including ciders, they range in origin from Greece, Argentina, Mexico and Vietnam. Full list below.

The Beer list at The Carpenters Arms

Even the wine list is pretty good, stocking my favourite red wine; Malbec.

If you’re out East and fed up of all those hipsters and their trendy faux glasses, then head over to the Carpenter’s Arms and let me know what beer you go for. My suggestion? Try the Verdett White, a nice Belgian 5.2% white beer.


The Carpenter’s Arms
73 Cheshire St
E2 6EG
Citymapper Directions


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