Boheme Kitchen and Bar

Just outside Nick Jones’ infamous Soho House and right opposite the Prince Edward theatre are Café Boheme and the Boheme Kitchen and Bar – where a few of us caught up last night, upon returning to London after Christmas.

I hate the word contemporary, so I won’t use it. But I imagine that somebody else has probably described BKB as contemporary, chic, casual, chilled.  It’s the perfect stop for a few drinks and a casual bite.

Most of the menu is American influenced; nacho’s, chipolatas and such. Hey, if that’s not American enough than the steak and New York chicken will definitely prove the point!

We only popped in for a bite to eat, so I can’t tell you about the cocktail list but the wine list was more extensive than I thought it would be. I’m a fan of new world wines (Gavi, Malbec etc) and so I really enjoyed this well-priced list.  We went for a bottle of Barbera wine – which is from the Piedmont region in North Italy. The capital of which is Turin. Useless stat, but it might come in useful in a pub quiz sometime. Who knows?

Piedmont's best wine

Whilst perusing the food menu, we got given some complimentary bread and oil. Now, I wouldn’t usually write about this as it is fairly standard. But the bread was freshly baked and the oil was magnificent. I couldn’t put my finger on why, but I just couldn’t stop dunking my bread!

For starters we went for a Roast Pumpkin Soup, Buffalo Mozzarella & Aubergine Bruschetta and the Roast Squash and Goat’s Cheese Salad.

I was a big fan of the Roast Pumpkin Soup. It was really thick and warming, almost like it was homemade by your mum. A real winter one and definitely recommendable.

I must admit that I’m not really an aubergine fan and so I didn’t particularly bite at the bruschetta but the person who chose it devoured it pretty rapidly, so that must be a good sign!

For me, the winner was the above.  Goat’s cheese, roast butternut squash mixed with rocket and sprinkled with pumpkin speeds. It was absolutely gorgeous.  I wonder, if they swapped the pumpkins seeds for cashew nuts it could potentially make i epic? I don’t want to knock it though because it was wicked.

So for mains, we all settled on the Macaroni and Cheese. I nearly went for the Risotto, until I saw somebody else’s and then I changed my mind!

Now, they offer the standard Mac & Cheese but also with bacon and or jalapeños peppers. We ordered one with bacon and jalapeños and mine with just jalapeños.  However….they got a bit confused and messed the order up. Now, I didn’t eat the bacon and the waitress was apologetic but she did charge me for it. Which I didn’t appreciate!

At the end of the day though the starters were pretty good and there was a really nice vibe in the restaurant.

I think I’d go again. But it’d be for more of a few drinks/nibbles after work or maybe for a Friday lunch with the team.

Boheme Kitchen and Bar
19-21 Old Compton St
Citymapper Directions

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