Tapped & Packed

Those of you who follow me on twitter will know how much I love Tapped  & Packed on Rathbone Place.

The staff in there are really friendly, chatty, and knowledgeable. I remember spending on snowy afternoon (last year) discussing the benefits and cons of an aeropress.

Rather like a pub, they also offer a guest single origin coffee. It’s great for coffee geeks who want to widen their palates or change things up a bit.

Whilst I’ve never actually done it there myself, they also offer the opportunity to chose how your coffee is brewed.  You can choose from the standard filter all the way through to a fancy pants siphon.

The team behind this cosy little café has now opened up a new branch at the top end of Tottenham Court Road, which measures up to the Tapped & Packed brand.

I’d strongly recommend a visit.

Tapped & Packed
26 Rathbone Place
Citymapper Directions

*This review was of the original Tapped & Packed site, before it became a chain. The map marks all locations.

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